Kalaallit Nunaat

South Kalaallit NunaatSouth Kalaallit Nunaat
Claushavn, Qaasuitsup, Kalaallit Nunaat - GreenlandClaushavn, Qaasuitsup, Kalaallit Nunaat - Greenland
iceflowswirl outside Kalaallit Nunaaticeflowswirl outside Kalaallit Nunaat
Helicopter leaving KraulshavnHelicopter leaving Kraulshavn
Tugssaaq, Greenland 1970.Tugssaaq, Greenland 1970.
Aappilattoq 08.09Aappilattoq 08.09
sisimiut havnsisimiut havn
10/08/2007 : church of Sisimiut10/08/2007 :  church of Sisimiut
Qeqertarsuaq auf Diskoisland, GrönlandQeqertarsuaq auf Diskoisland, Grönland
Eisberge in der Diskobucht, GrönlandEisberge in der Diskobucht, Grönland
Abandoned Village of Assaqutaq IAbandoned Village of Assaqutaq I
pura ulun suwipura ulun suwi
Qeqertarsuaq kerkQeqertarsuaq kerk
ACT (JHS->SFJ) day1 Qerrortusup MajoriaaACT (JHS->SFJ) day1 Qerrortusup Majoriaa
Qegertarsuaq (Disco)Qegertarsuaq (Disco)
Kangaamiut maj2010Kangaamiut maj2010
Un hombre subido en una barca- Isla DiscoUn  hombre subido en una barca-  Isla Disco
Skiing track in the sunSkiing track in the sun
Blå huseBlå huse
Sisimiut, GrönlandSisimiut, Grönland
Sisimiut, WestgrönlandSisimiut, Westgrönland
In und um QeqertarsuaqIn und um Qeqertarsuaq
Fishing Angmassets with a bucketFishing Angmassets with a bucket
Northern whiteear, Eqalulik August 2011Northern whiteear, Eqalulik August 2011
detroit de vaigadetroit de vaiga
ACT (JHS->SFJ) day1 view to Kangerluarsuk TulleqkACT (JHS->SFJ) day1 view to Kangerluarsuk Tulleqk
icebergs Disco islandicebergs Disco island
Greenland ice sheetGreenland ice sheet
The Acolyte and The Reverend with ascent routes shownThe Acolyte and The Reverend with ascent routes shown
Easterly view, 23-08-2008Easterly view, 23-08-2008
Grenlandia, jęzor lodowcaGrenlandia, jęzor lodowca
Berge in Grönland - Blick aus der LuftBerge in Grönland - Blick aus der Luft
Dødmannsbugten (Dead Mans Bay)Dødmannsbugten (Dead Mans Bay)
frocen waterfrocen water
Ruin of Christianshavn and the Kap Mary House at Kap MaryRuin of Christianshavn and the Kap Mary House at Kap Mary
Wharf at KullorsuaqWharf at Kullorsuaq
Kraulshavn. Green school and red "church"Kraulshavn. Green school and red "church"
Ocean Nova at Kullorsuaq, Sep. 2008Ocean Nova at Kullorsuaq, Sep. 2008
View above the village, Sep 2008View above the village, Sep 2008
Aappilattoq 08.09Aappilattoq 08.09
Kraulshavn from helicopter, August 2002Kraulshavn from helicopter, August 2002