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Araxos (Greek: Άραξος, Latin: Araxus) is a village and a community in the municipal unit of Larissos of the municipality West Achaea in the northwestern part of Achaea, Greece. The community consists of the villages Araxos, Akrotirio Araxos and Taxiarches. It is located in the coastal plains near Cape Araxos, which separates the Gulf of Patras from the Ionian Sea. There are two lagoons near the village Araxos: Prokopos to the southwest and Kalogria (or Pappas or Araxos) to the north. The Mavra Vouna hills are in the north, Cape Araxos being their northernmost point. It is 4 km west of Lakkopetra, 1 km west of Araxos Airport, 5 km north of Metochi and 13 km west of Kato Achaia.

Κ. Λακκόπετρας Κ. Μετοχίου Κ. Λιμνοχωρίου Κ. Σαγαίικων Κ. Νιφοραίικων Κ. Απιδεώνος Κ. Καραίικων Κ. Ριόλου Κ. Φράγκας Κ. Κάτω Αχαΐας