Zhijiang Town


Zhijiang Town (Chinese: 芷江镇; pinyin: Zhǐjiāng Zhèn) is a town and the county seat of Zhijiang Dong Autonomous County in Hunan, China. The town is located in the middle east of the county, it was reformed to merge Mayingtang Township (Chinese: 麻缨塘乡), Zhupingpu Township (Chinese: 竹坪铺乡), Aitouping Township (Chinese: 艾头坪乡) and the former Zhijiang Town on November 25, 2015, it has an area of 268.62 km² (103.71 sq mi) with a population of 156,200 (as of 2015 end). The town has 40 villages and 12 communities under its jurisdiction, its seat of local government is at Qianjie Community (Chinese: 前街社区).