Lantian, Lianyuan


Lantian (simplified Chinese: 蓝田街道; traditional Chinese: 藍田街道; pinyin: Lántián Jiēdào) is a subdistrict and the seat of Lianyuan City in Hunan, China. The subdistrict is located in the southwest central part of the city, it is bordered by Anping and Longtang towns to the north, Shimashan Town to the east, Sanjia Township to the south, Liumutang Town to the west. It has an area of 24.5 km² (9.5 sq mi) with a population of 81,683 (2010 census). After the Amalgamation of Village-level Divisions in 2016, the subdistrict has 6 villages and 9 communities under its jurisdiction.