Longanikos (Greek: Λογκανίκος, also transliterated as Logkanikos) is a traditional Greek village, located in Laconia, in the ancient and historical Peloponnese area of southern Greece. It is also referred to sometimes in English as "Logganiko(s)" or "Longanico(s)". It is about 30 kilometers north of Sparta, the capital city of Lakonia, and is also very close to the cities of Kalamata, Tripolis and Megalopolis. It rests on the eastern slope of Mount Taigetos. The current population of Longanikos is 449 inhabitants according to the 2011 census. This figure includes the population of the surrounding smaller villages Vergadeika, Kiparrissi, Giakoumaiika, and Kotitsa. Because of the small size of this village, residents of this town often identify themselves as Spartans to other Greeks or foreigners. For those who are familiar with this area, a resident or person from Longanikos is referred to as a "Longanikiotes" (masc) or "Longanikiotissa" (fem).