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Edappadi (also spelt Edappadi or Idappadi) is one of the developing towns and a municipality in Salem district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Edappdi was once known for its thriving powerloom industry. The economy is diversified. The main modes of income are agriculture, lorry & heavy truck transport, granite, textile powerloom, entertainment and foundry. It is the second largest town in Salem Dt. next to Attur. The rocks around Edappadi are expected to contain rare minerals. The name is derived from a group of family names 'Edayar' (means the people who survived with Cow, Buffalo and house animals). Now it is an ideal place for peaceful life and harmony synchronized with natural living. Water is supplied by the Cauvery river and 'Periya-yeri' (Big-lake) near Edappadi. It is surrounded by many lakes like, Periyayeri, ChettiYeri, Punka-yeri, Reddipatti-Yeri, Kavadikaranoor-Yeri (Aachampalli Yeri). It is an Ideal spot for Cinema shootings (Rich Forest, Riverside, Rocky landscape, Village peoples with reality). As of 2011, the town had a population of 55,385.special for minister area. All ways are connected with super road support.