Aleksandar Stamboliyski, Bulgaria

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Aleksandar Stamboliyski, Bulgaria is a village in General Toshevo Municipality, Dobrich Province, northeastern Bulgaria. Note: part of the alternative road with uncompacted pavement (alternative two-lane asphalt road with a common lane for any direction of movement) between the villages of Alexander Stamboliyski and its neighboring village Spasovo is located in a deep steep dry valley with almost no water flow system, ie it is almost impossible to cross thence to an off-road vehicle .asphalt pavement is laid only by the turn-off from the international road Kardam - Chernookovo - Rogozina - Spasovo - Zahari Stoyanovo - Durankulak (border bulgarian village) - Vama Veche (romanian border village), which after the beginning of the village of Aleksandar Stamboliyski continues only about 250 m .