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Blue Heron, Trent Canal, Ontario
Iceberg track left from the end of the last ice age 13,800 years ago. Lake Ontario covered this area about 35 m. deep. Icebergs breaking off the glacier were blown SW. Those bigger than 35 m. deep stuck along the cliff 0.5 km. east, until they melted enough to slide along the lake bottom plowing up the sediments. Smaller icebergs just floated over this area. Looking SW. Lower your "eye alt" to see more pictures.
Wolfe Island Ontario Border Station
Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada
Burlington Shores of Lake Ontario
Bridge over the Moira River for the Central Ontario Railway. The railway was built in 1889, but the bridge is dated Nov. 1922. It's last train was in 1985. It is now the Hastings Heritage Trail. The Moira River ends at Belleville.
Ontario Northland Railway - looking east
Ontario Northland Railway trestle over Watabeag River
Henderson Farm, Ottawa, Ontario,Canada 2005
Hastings Heritage Trail. Formerly the Central Ontario Railroad. (COR) This is one section of 34,262 km. of trails in Ontario under the OFSC, Trail E106.
Former Central Ontario Railway (COR) from Belleville to Wallace. (Between Whitney and Maynooth on highway #127) Now a recreation trail. OSFC Trail E106. Looking north at Eldorado.
Country lane in Williamstown, Ontario, Canada
Sleepy Hollow, Gananoque, Ontario, Canada
The Kingston and Pembroke railway (K&P) ran north-south, and the Ontario and Quebec Railway (O&Q) ran east-west across this rail bridge across the narrows of Sharbot Lake. It was built in 1876, last had a mixed train of passengers and freight in 1960, the rail line was abandoned in 1964 to Titchborne. Now a recreational trail.
Life is full of decisions on which way to go, and often there are no directions given. In this case, the hiker is going home on the old K&P trail south of Sharbot Lake, the other trail is the Ontario & Quebec rail trail, heading west to Tweed and Marmora. Some simple decisions can be very important.
Lion's Lookout (Huntsville, Ontario)
Highway # 38 passes over the old Ontario & Quebec Railway bed, now part of the Trans-Canada Trail. The railway operated from 1881 to 1971, most of the time under the CPR. This bridge was built in 1934/1935 for the Highway # 38 which followed township roads much of the way to connect highway # 2 with # 7 (built just north of here in 1932). This was done more to create jobs, than to handle heavy traffic in the great depression.
The oldest stone building in Ontario built as a church and served the congregration until the larger church was built next door in 1860. It was built in 1801, used as a hospital in the war of 1812. It is part of St.Andrew's Catholic Church.
Front of the oldest stone building in Ontario. Built in 1801, used as a hospital in the war of 1812, part of St.Andrews Catholic Church.
St.Andrews Parish Cemetary ground founded in 1784 has a Celtic style stone wall. Resting in here is the great explorer Simon Fraser, and the first Prime Minister of Ontario, John S. McDonald. (not Sir John A. McDonald, Canada's first Prime Minister who is burried in Kingston). Other Celtic stone walls can also be found on Amherst Island west of Kingston. Every one is unique in how it was constructed and finished.
Cimetière / Cemetary, St-Andrews, Ontario
Portuguese Radio Station, Toronto, Ontario
Akram's Shoppe, Toronto, Ontario
Cemetery, Brockville, Ontario 12-19-09
Cemetery, Brockville, Ontario 12-19-09
Cemetery, Brockville, Ontario 12-19-09
Saint Lawrence River, Brockville, Ontario 12-19-09
Blairton, one of Ontario's first iron mines opened about 1820. The first at Lyndhurst near Kignston burned in 1810. Iron had to be imported from England, and canoed up the St.Lawrence River. A local supply was desperately needed. The ore was barged from here to Marmora for smelting using locally made charcoal for fuel. Canada had just finished the War of 1812 and was growing. This is private land.
Iron ore was barged to Marmora from here in 1820 to 1867. It fed one of Ontario's first foundrys there. Iron imported from England and brought up the St.Lawrence River by canoe and bauteau was very expensive. This is private land.
Trans-Canada Trail on the old Ontario and Quebec Railway (O&Q) bed. It was built in 1882, leased to CPR in 1884 for 999 years. Looking west. CPR often purchased other railways, then just leased the tracks to themselves keeping the old name.
Royal Canadian Legion in Charlton Ontario
Feed Mill in Charlton, Ontario
Fire Hall in Charlton, Ontario
Ottawa River at Mattawa, Ontario
The Napanee River as it runs through Yarker, Ontario past an old barn board garage.
Napanee River running through the village of Yarker, Ontario, Canada. The old CNR railway bridge seen in the background is now part of the Cataraqui Trail.
The Creekside Bar and Grill, a small eating establishment in picturesque Battersea, Ontario.
Cataraqui Trail intersection looking east. This section was built by the Napanee Tamworth and Quebec Railway (NT&QR) in 1884, leased to the Bay of Quinte Railway, (BQR) in 1891, (east to Yarker only) then it was sold to the Canadian Northern Railway (CNoR) in 1910, they went bankrupt, CNR took over in 1923 and gave it up in 1984.. This is part of the 34,262 km. of trails in Ontario under the OFSC.
Marineland, Niagara Falls, Ontario
Highway 48, from Davis Dr., near Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Passage to Lake Ontario
Former railway bed, now the Millennium trail. Built by the Prince Edward County Railway (PEC) in 1879, sold to the Central Ontario Railway (COR) in 1881, purchased by the Canadian Northern Railway (CNoR) in 1909, it went bankrupt in 1923 and was taken over by CNR who shut it down in 1995. Looking east. It connected Picton to Trenton, and served the former cannery industry in the area.
Millenium Trail, Bloomfield Ontario
Bloomfield, Ontario
Beaches Public Library Toronto, Ontario
A Gazebo at Kew Garden, Toronto Beach, Ontario
Bellevue House, The House of the First Prime Minister of Canada, Sir John A. McDonald, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Chats Falls Generating Station was built between 1929 and 1932 during the great depression. There are 8 turbines in it, four for Ontario, and four for Quebec. There is a total vertical drop of water of 16.2 m (53 ft.) producing 19 MW of power. That would power 12,700 toasters, or about 2 million CF lights. Flow rates vary a lot from spring to fall, but they can save water behind the dam all night long, and produce huge amounts of power when the demand peaks.
Duffins Creek reaching Lake Ontario in Ajax, ON, Canada

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