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Chililabombwe (formerly named Bancroft) is a small town in Copperbelt Province, Zambia. It is located near the Democratic Republic of the Congo border. The name Chililabombwe means 'place of the croaking frog' in the local language of Lamba language. The town has a population of 87 000 based on census data from 2010, making it one of the largest towns in the Copperbelt. The city is 26 km from neighbouring town of Chingola, and approximately 10 km from the large border market of Kasumbalesa. It has also produced national heroes like the late soccer star Eston Mulenga and many others. It's a home for the bundu people. The copper belt is the Lambaland the group of people who migrated to the copper belt were Lambas and all the names in this province are in Lamba language not Bemba. Lambas have been in this province close to 500 years. And Bembas came to provide labour to the mining companies in the 1930s and there no way a place can be named in Bemba. The name of the town Chililabombwe meaning the croaking frog, frog in Lamba is Bombwe and in Bemba is Chula or Chule.